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Frame of Mind

I have this terrible (but probably relatable) tendency to postpone the things that are way overdue. Once I’m ‘not on schedule’ anymore, things just sit

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Watch later, part 1

Every week I’m gonna share here what’s on my Youtube watch later list. Maybe you’ll find something inspiring in there as well! You can check

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Studio Diaries 005

It’s been a bit of a strange week of not feeling very productive and at the same time getting a lot done. Some new opportunities

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Studio Diaries 004

When I started my website I had a goal to write down a blog every week, documenting what I did with my art, resources I

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Colors of Snow

Today I finished this long overdue painting of GOT’s Jon Snow. I want to try something new and post the color palette I used. When

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Studio Diaries / 002

It’s a wrap for one of my larger works, “Michael”, a portrait of my cat who passed away a few weeks ago. I had a

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Studio Diaries / 001

I have a mild obsession with series. I need things to fit together. A friend gifted me a nice Ikea Ribba photo frame that holds

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