About me


I’m Sabra. Since you’re here, I’ll probably just tell you a bit about how I live, what I do, how I do it and perhaps the sum of all that will reflect who I am.

I have the luxury of residing in the Netherlands. I live in an affordable appartement, with kind neighbors and an elevator that works 90% of the time. That’s important in my life because I also live on the 11th floor, in a relatively small town called Zeist. Here, there is no war, no internet censorship, no extreme temperatures and the nearest supermarket in 5 minutes away by foot.

I live with my son, born in 2009. We live a peaceful life. He talks a lot and I don’t and that’s fine with the both of us. Children change your life. Even if you don’t want them to. Your focus shifts, not so much towards the child itself, but to a broader perspective. You become not less egocentric, but more aware of the extent of your ego and how it reflects to the people around you.

My son made me painfully aware of the fact that simply talking about things makes very little difference. That it is your actions that shape your path through life. One of those actions is the physical manifestation of my artwork. Which is why I chose to make this website and go on this journey.

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