More figures from my mind, part 2

I did another three figure sketches for you, drawn from my mind, in this new video. I hope you enjoy!

As I explained in my last blog (and video), I’m drawing these figures from my mind to see how much information I have stored in my brain. I’ve found this week that I’m enjoying figure drawing much more, without the pressure of having to copy a reference or live figure. I was happy to read that some of you felt the same! So here’s part 2 and I’m hoping to do more of these exercises to loosen up a little.

4 thoughts on “More figures from my mind, part 2”

  1. Oh Sabra you are simply amazing!! Even though I’m twice your age our personalities are so similar. I don’t however have these beautiful figures in my head!🤣. Bravo

  2. I totally enjoyed this video. You’ve I spired me to begin practicing sketching figures both from a reference figure and from my mind. Thanks! Can’t wait for the next video.

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