Creative experiments #1

A few weeks (or was it months?…yikes…) ago I bought a gel plate and some other stuff to experiment with. After an initial surge of creative energy, they ended up on a pile, mostly unused. I wanted to make a conscious effort this week to experiment more.

I’ve done a lot of studying and working on my exhibition pieces in the last year. Even at night, I find myself doing more sketches, value studies and preliminary works. That’s all great, but I was missing a bit of fun lately. I see a lot of my students’ artworks on my feed, trying new things, new techniques and I thought to myself; “I want that again”. In my latest Youtube video I talk about the why and how, all the while working on this little experiment. You can watch the video below, or go to my channel.

Supplies used

Scrap paper/printer paper
Clairefontaine Simili Japon 250 gr/m2
Willow and compressed charcoal
Rembrandt Soft Pastels
Golden Open acrylics in Raw Umber, Phthalo Blue (GS) and Transparent Red Iron Oxide
Some brushes
Piece of cloth

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