Creative experiments #2

My friend Anna and I made some plans for creative fun and unfortunately that meant having to place another order with my art supplier. The struggle haha!  I ended up adding some stuff to my cart that I wanted to try out and show you.

I’m going to create some cool textures with gauze/muslin and acrylic medium. And I’m trying out ArtGraf’s graphite putty for the first time. This stuff is so much fun, I’m sure I’ll do a separate video on it soon. The same goes for liquid charcoal, that I’ve been meaning to show you.

In the end I cover it all with paint, but my senses have been properly stimulated and that’s all a girl can ask for right. Below you’ll find the videos, the supplies I used and the sketch I ended up using. Make sure you leave a like or a comment on my Youtube channel, I’d love that!


Aluminium di-bond panel 20×25 cm
Liquitex Gesso
Liquitex Acrylic Medium matt
Bookbinder’s gauze (spine muslin)
ArtGraf drawing graphite putty
Schmincke Liquid Charcoal (peach stone black)
Golden Open Acrylics in: Payne’s Grey, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Titanium White and Carbon Black

2 thoughts on “Creative experiments #2”

  1. Sorry, I don’t think I could do anything with that simple sketch. I loved watching your painting come together though.
    Love your tips and encouragement too. ❤️

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