Get a free spot on Let’s Face It 2020!

Dear friends,
the give away for Let’s Face It 2020 has ended! Thank you so much for all your sharing and comments! You can still join us and participate in this year-long adventure, just click the link below:

Click here to read more about Let’s Face It 2020 (and don’t forget to bookmark!)

I’m looking forward to creating an inspiring class for you and to see all your beautiful work. If you’re interested in seeing what I created for this year’s edition, check the images below.

69 thoughts on “Get a free spot on Let’s Face It 2020!”

  1. Wow! How mysterious, unsure about their environments they are, but still embrace it because no matter how hard or difficult the situation(s) are, we know it’ll get better. Sabra, you have done a phenomenal job again and I look forward to you teaching me next year at LFI 2020!

  2. Hello Sabra, your artwork is phenomenal. I’d love to win a spot in the Let’s Face It course. I’ve subscribed your newsletter and are now going to look for your Facebook group. 😉
    All the best to you. Tina

  3. I am alwaysso h
    delighted when I meet amazing artist! Thank You so much for sharing your art with us. Wow, would I be so delighted to see you on Let’s Face it work shop, hoping to win a spot.

  4. I am having problems with my computer and lost my post before sending it so now I hope you do not end up with a duplicate.
    I have signed up for your newsletter however, I am not doing Facebook anymore. I hope that I am still eligible to enter my name in your draw for a free spot on Let’s Face It. I am working on faces this year and I know the large variety of styles shown in this course will help me explore new techniques and help me develop my own style. Thank you for this chance.

  5. Sabra, I am so happy you are back for another year of Let’s Face it. Your work is so phenomenal and thought provoking. I love looking at it. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. I follow you and subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks!

  6. I just love your art and it was my favorite demo, but I failed at it twice :'( so I’d like another opportunity to learn from you and other artists. Your style is AWESOME!

  7. I get your newsletter and have enjoyed your lessons. Watched the one for LB today too. Thanks for the chance!! Just love LFI!!

  8. Hi Sabra! Hoping to win a free spot. I already receive your newsletter and I am a part of the Facebook group. I’m so glad you are back. I can’t wait to learn from you. Your lessons are full of content and challenging. Love it!

  9. Dear Sabra,
    Happily joined to your fb group. I’m happy to see different artist approach to face and figures. Learning never ends. Would be happy to see your lessons.
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot
    Big hug from Budapset

  10. Sabra, thank you for teaching again in 2020! Your teaching style is amazing and zi am excited to learn more from you!

  11. Hi Sabra, I have already subscribed to your newsletter and have joined your fb group. I would love to get a chance to win a place in Let’s Face It. I am so glad you are going to be teaching in it.

  12. Dear Sabra,
    I loved your lesson on LFI19 so much. That’s why I’m very happy to hear you will be part of LFI20 also. Love your style of art and style of teaching. I signed up for your newsletter. Hope to win a free spot now.

  13. Sabra, if I followed you any more places (currently Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, private lesson pages), you would think I was a stalker 😂! I absolutely love your art and style of teaching. I look forward to each class, devour it and come away with new insight and skills. I keep entering the giveaways in hopes of winning a spot for my fifth year of LFI, but will be there regardless. My gift to me. (But winning would be great 😊). Thanks for sharing your incredible talent!

  14. I would love to win a spot on LFI2020! I love how your art makes me FEEL and I am going to try to work in your style more!!

  15. Marjon van den bos

    I love your style so much. The mysterious fill in for yourself and movement. The emotions.. Wow. Love to win a spot in next year’s Let’s Face it.

  16. Hi Sabra, have done both of the above so keeping my fingers crossed that I am lucky enough to win a place on LFI 2020

  17. You know just how happy I am that you are teaching again next year!! So so excited to continue my learning with you. I have done all the steps and will share your blog on my page.

  18. Hi Sabra!
    Already doing both…always love your work.
    Thank you for the opportunity. Would love to be able to do your lessons next year.

  19. Bonita Balster-Hendriks

    Hi Sabra! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I would absolutely love to win and learn more from you and the other teachers. I was already subscribed to your newsletter and I joined your Facebookgroup <3

  20. I am so looking forward to more lessons with you. Your lessons this year have challenged me and opened a few new doors in my art life.
    I have subscribed and joined the Facebook group…and I already follow you on Instagram.
    Can’t wait to see what you bring us in 2020.

  21. Hi dear delicate soul. I already have your newsletter and I joined your art group. You are an extraordinary example to me. Fingers crossed for the free spot! Thanks!

  22. Michael Ann Fitzgerald

    Would love an opportunity to take this course, it looks amazing! Signed up to your newsletter and will join your FB group. Thanks for the chance. Good luck everyone

  23. Tanya Miller Poling

    Requested to join art group and I’ll sign up for the newsletter too! Thank you for the opportunity. Theres so much I want and need to learn I’m looking to hopefully win a spot.

  24. Thank YOU Sabra for the opportunity to win a spot in the 2020 Let’s Face It!!! I’m a big fan of your work since earlier this year in your first tutorial in Pain Your Heart and Soul. I love love love your work and always inspired listening and watching your techniques. I’m now following you in your new Facebook group and I subscribed to your newsletter. Yay!

  25. Yeah another year LFI 2020. I pushed myself this year with the different styles. I still have many to go! Following, commenting:)

  26. Was already in your Facebook group but did newsletter as well – love your art – would love a free entry!

  27. Dear Sabra
    I’m already subscribed and part of your wonderful Facebook group. It would be amazing to win a free spot in LFI 2020 and experience another lesson from you along with all the other incredible artists.
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Lyn x

  28. Hi Sabra,

    Thanks for your inspiration, I have joined your Facebook group and subscribed to your newsletter, thank you,
    I would also love entry in the let’s face it 2020 giveaway please,
    Many blessings.
    Michelle x

  29. I just found out about your art.. would love to win a free spot on face it forward.. I’m drawn to painting and drawing faces especially because I’m deaf.. face to face is even more important.. intimate and personal and so important for communication.. going to have a look through all that you offer & share with the world.. Thank you

  30. Hi Sabra, I’ve really enjoyed the lessons I’ve seen from you so far, I’m subscribed to your newsletter and would love the opportunity to learn from you and many other artists in LFI2020!

  31. Hi Sabra! I just viewed your free tutorial on the Lifebook 2020 summit and am very intrigued by your techniques. Please put me in the hat for a free subscription to Let’s Face it 2020. Thank you!


  32. Hi Sabra, i really enjoyed your activity & conversation on the LB summit. I’ve joined your newsletter & fb group, I’m excited to be in the running for a spot on let’s face it 2020.
    Thank you, I love your art work.🙏🏼😊

  33. Hello Sabra, I’m new to online art course, so would be thrilled for the chance to win a spot on LFI 2020! I’ve signed up for your newsletter and your fb group which is awesome for me as I love portraiture but have a long way to go in leaing to loosen up and become expressive so I would be be very grateful and thrilled to learn from you!

  34. I joined your newsletter and really loved your complimentary class. Looking forward to LFI 2020 and another class with you!

  35. I just joined your face book and subscribed to your email list….would love to win the spot at the 2020 lfi….i just saw your complimentary class at the Summit…what a great artist u r!!!

  36. I’m joining your web site as well as your FaceBook page. I’m excited for you and glad to be entering this course contest. I’m new to Let’s Face It 2020, but I bought your course through Kara. Looks like a wonderful year ahead! All the Best,

  37. Bernadette Russell

    Hi Sabra, how amazing to have the chance to win the classes for next year. It is very expensive in Australian dollars so would be amazing. Love your work.

  38. Sylvia van Oorschot

    Thank you for this opportunity! Subscribed to you newsletter. ánd applied for member on your facebookgroup. Didn’t know your work yet, but love it! hope to win a spot.

  39. Have subscribed to your newsletter. I have now become aware of you and your amazing work twice in the last 2 weeks which is so awesome! I’d love to win a spot on LFI2020 as it would make me the happiest unicorn in the Wonderland! Thanks so much for this opportunity 💜

  40. Winning a free spot on LFI2020 would be awesome!!! I love your work & the way you convey emotion in your portraits. I am a subscriber to your newsletter and applied for membership in your FB group. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Your artwork is always so captivating!
    I registered for your newsletter and the facebookgroup. Looking forward to see more of your art.

  42. I’ve been receiving your newsletter for awhile now since I purchased Mixed Emotions months ago. And I just requested to join your FB private group. I have recently started and did complete the first hand study in watercolor. I have been learning as much as possible the last couple of years (I started university working toward an art degree back in 1988, but after a few years, was pulled in a different direction and left school to raise a family) My kids are older now and I have gotten back into my art study and trying to develop my style and learn technique. Faces and expressions are what I love most and I want to develop my skills in that area and really focus on that. I would love to wina spot in the next Let’s Face It because it looks to be exactly what I need next on my journey:-)

  43. Hi there! Just joined your Newsletter. Love that you are self-taught and keep learning and learning. I’m excited to learn from you now!

  44. Hi love discovering your page and art.. loved following your lesson and drew my portrait for the 1st time and it looks like me:))) can’t stop looking at it..I’m amazed really.. I never drew before. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I joined both your Facebook and newsletter. Thanks

  45. THANK You so incredibly much for the chance to win a spot in Lets Face it!! Im the person who commented on your free class on YouTube (“babydoll me”… i have had the account a very long time- apologies for the juvenile account youtube name). I would be unbelievably grateful to win a spot in Lets face it- i desperately need the amazing tuition and confidence that would be provided in the course. You inspired me so much to start creating again with the free summit and YT tutorial, and with the guidance of the course, i know i will continue too create and enjoy it. It is a dream of mine to be able to draw figures and faces- it would be the most rewarding thing in the world. I am already a subscriber, and will send a request to join the group- please forgive me as I’m not active much on FB lately (different email associated with my facebook account though). Thank you!

  46. Hi Sabra, I already receive your newsletter, so I joined your FB as well. Thanks for the chance to win a spot on LFI 2020, the teacher lineup is fantastic!

  47. Thank you Sabra! I am so glad i signed up for Lets Face It 2020….. and then i saw you were there teaching!! i just signed up.. yes, i know, i had to decide between two programs… and i really want to do some portraiture.. i have just started back after 40 yrs.. of nothing. talk about a vay cay 🙂 I am so excited to work with you… again. what a bonus to learn from someone i admire a great deal. ty

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