Mixing Meditations, vol. 1

I’ve finally gotten around to starting a project that I’d been meaning to do for a while now; proper mixing videos. I’ve started to really focus on my mixing skills and I wanted to record some palettes for you, filmed in real time. That way, you can see exactly what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and if needed, decide to speed up the video yourself on Youtube. The videos will all be quiet, no audio commentary so you can put on some of your own favorite music.

Since I normally do portraits, most of these palette will contain colors that be used as skin colors. When you’re starting out mixing colors, keep in mind the following things:

  • Stick to basic colors: I’m using titanium white, hansa yellow medium, pyrrole red, ultramarine blue and sometimes burnt umber (as a dark yellow).
  • Organize your palette: it doesn’t have to look like it’s coming straight out of Marie Kondo’s closet but at least make sure you leave some room for inter-mixing your colors. I put my basics on top and my mixed colors on the right side because I’m left-handed.
  • Test patch your colors on both black and white paper: The human brain tends to see what it wants to see, not what is there. Dark colors can appear black on a white background, even though they aren’t. The same goes for lighter colors.
  • Color pick your photos: there are many apps and programs, both for computers and phones, that allow you to color pick a certain area. I’ve found this incredibly valuable to “see” colors outside of their surroundings. I strongly recommend doing this to train your eye.
  • Don’t freak out (or do, but then come back and try again): Color mixing is incredibly hard. It takes time, hard work and dedication. If that sounds like a bad fitness DVD you might be right. There were times when I’d rather go back doing Zumba than finish my palette. Stick to it and you will improve.

Here’s the palette we’re going to mix in this video. I’m using this palette for my current work in progress.

Here’s the video for you to watch and the time jumps to see specific colors:

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  1. Is it possible to join your workshop? I’ve been drawing faces the past few months and feel such a pull to take this journey and become both skillful and see where this path is taking me. Your classes keep popping up on Instagram. 🤔🧐

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