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Impressions A workshop on the creative process


Foundations I Learn expressive portraiture through a variety of mediums Read more Welcome to the course page of ‘Foundations I’. If you are a student of this course, you can start or resume your course work here. Click on ‘read more’ to see more information on the Facebook group and course content! Start the course


Parallels A workshop on composition and figure painting

Red Sea

Red Sea A self-portrait in limited colours Welcome! More information


Perception Finding shapes and values in the face


Reconciliation A full portrait workshop in acrylic paint

Mirror: a free class

what’s the plan? In this lesson we’re going to attempt to utilize the visual information stored in our brain, to draw a portrait (partially) from the mind. I use a bathroom mirror to check my angles and then draw what I still remember with free and loose strokes. Every now and then I go back …

Mirror: a free class Read More »

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