A monochrome figure painting workshop

My new workshop “Beyond” will guide you through the steps of figure painting, with flow and intention. Working in black and white will allow you to direct all your focus to the shapes and values that make up the human figure. Figure painting can be challenging, but my easy grid and slow steps, will help any beginner make progress. I hope you enjoy it!

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Thoughts, happenings & gifts

I love sharing my thoughts, studio and projects in something less fleeting than social media. You’ll also find a bunch of free resources such as videos and reference images here. Your feedback always makes me feel good so leave a comment if you’d like.

Behind the scenes

Studio hours

Recently, I’ve been in search of a way to create content without running into the limitations of my perfectionism. This is an ongoing thing, so

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Learning from the heart

Learning basic and advanced art skills doesn’t have to be tedious or uninspiring. I love teaching people how to work on their goals by combining technical exercises with creative, dynamic projects. Art is more than just a skill; it’s a healing mindset.

I have shorter workshops and extensive courses available; whatever suits your creative need right now. I give feedback and support in my safe, private Facebook group!

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