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It’s been a beautiful and full year, with a lot of new things. I’ve written a recap of 2023 as a way to remember and appreciate these things in retrospect. I hope to see and talk to you again in the new year!

Thoughts, happenings & gifts

I love sharing my thoughts, studio and projects in something less fleeting than social media. You’ll also find a bunch of free resources such as videos and reference images here. Your feedback always makes me feel good so leave a comment if you’d like.

Oil paint on panel
Behind the scenes

January, a clean palette

After working on last year’s exhibition, my head was exploding with ideas, visuals that I needed to get out and on paper. Things that had

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Behind the scenes

A 2023 recap

I always wanted to do these end-of-the-year-recaps, including goals for the new year and what not. But winter often isn’t my best season. This year

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Finished work

“A Whisper of Hope I”

In 2023 I created a body of work in collaboration with the composer Janneke Moes. Our work, titled “A Whisper of Hope” will consist of

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Learning from the heart

Learning basic and advanced art skills doesn’t have to be tedious or uninspiring. I love teaching people how to work on their goals by combining technical exercises with creative, dynamic projects. Art is more than just a skill; it’s a healing mindset.

I have shorter workshops and extensive courses available; whatever suits your creative need right now. I give feedback and support in my safe, private Facebook group!

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