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Foundations I

The live class for Foundations I is well underway with a wonderful group of students. Some of you have contacted me to ask when the next class will be. I’ve opened up a waiting list for those who’ve missed out this year, and you can sign up now to be the first to know when the next class opens up!

Learning from the heart

Learning basic and advanced art skills doesn’t have to be tedious or uninspiring. I love teaching people how to work on their goals by combining technical exercises with creative, dynamic projects. Art is more than just a skill; it’s a healing mindset.

Starting an online art school

This year, I'm building and launching my online art school. I'd like to take that journey feeling connected to the art community, so I'm writing a series of blogs during that time. Your thoughts and comments are invaluable to me, so please do say what's on your mind in the comments!

Thoughts, happenings & gifts

I love sharing my thoughts, studio and projects in something less fleeting than social media. You’ll also find a bunch of free resources such as videos and reference images here. Your feedback always makes me feel good so leave a comment if you’d like.

Studio diaries


It was a nice ride last week; ideas were abundant and all worked out in sketches. Pencil and charcoal give me peace of mind, as

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Studio diaries


This summer was 100% about my course, my students and my art school plans. A year worth of planning, writing, recording and creating had to

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