Fusion Gallery show / “Acceptance” – Sept. 9-10 2020

“You just need to accept it”, said a random psychiatrist as I unnoticeably pulled hard at the back of my hair and bit my tongue. I wanted to scream NO I WILL NOT SIR, but that would have been uncooperative. Still, the why and the how echoes in your head. This need to understand why and how one must accept something that part of you fights with unparalleled strength. Is it a safety mechanism? A remnant of past times? Or the dilemma of the conscious human mind? Why can acceptance be so difficult for us?

The more I think about our theme Acceptance, the more it resonates. I was browsing through my sketchbook when I found the ones that worked for this theme. I feel acceptance is not one thing, but steps you take, phases you go through. For me, it’s never like ” boom, ok I accept this”, end of story. Often, when coming to terms with things, you ponder, you debate with yourself. Maybe you get angry or sad or numb. You need to go through that because ignorance is bliss. Looking yourself in the face isn’t always as groundbreaking as some hashtags want you to believe. This is my body of work for our upcoming show “Acceptance”.

This show is held in our private Facebook group, starting September 9 at 11am EST. Please join the group to bid, buy and support us!

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  1. These are beautiful, Sabra. I admire your work. It speaks to me and I appreciate that. We’re kindred souls. Peace

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