Studio Diaries / 002

It’s a wrap for one of my larger works, “Michael”, a portrait of my cat who passed away a few weeks ago. I had a large sheet of Bristol paper that, as it turned out, wasn’t really my thing to draw on. So I used it for this with watercolor and ink. I never really paint animals and I guess it was only right that Michael was the first. That animal was my buddy for over 15 years.

It’s warm in the studio this week and my balcony is calling me. To water it, specifically haha. I took that as a sign to sit outside for a bit.

And…I finally did it! I painted with oils. After my works with oil pastel I went to my art supply store and bought 5 small tubes and just got started. Oh, the stress haha. But it was such joy to work with and again I can’t really believe I didn’t try this sooner. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of information available on working with oil paint. It almost feels as if it’s something that requires great amounts of preparation and experience and knowledge. As if it’s a completely different world than any water-based material. When really…it’s not. It’s smooth and it blends and it’s forgiving because it stays wet for so long. Try blending like that with watercolors ha. So far I like my experiments and I can’t wait to try some more.

The rest of my time I spent practicing. I’m not in a mood to actually create something finished. Took out some pencils again and started sketching because it’s been a while since I touched a pencil.

Until next time!

Much love,

During my painting / drawing periods I keep a short diary of what I’m working on, new materials I’m trying out and any trials I face. If you’d like to read more diary entries, click on the Studio Diaries category.

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  1. I am late to follow your writings, it is 2019! I love your bright sunny cat and the style you chose, which reminds me of his energy moving on to other places. Did you get another cat?

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