“Sanctuary” – day one

In this series I’ll be showing you the progress on my portrait called “Sanctuary”. I’m using the limited palette as described in my previous blog post so you can get an idea of what you can do with it.

The video is almost in real-time, so you can decide for yourself if you want to speed anything up. I’ll be uploading a new video after every day. There’s no audio commentary but instead some really nice music by Wanderer’s Trove.

9 thoughts on ““Sanctuary” – day one”

  1. I wish I could work slowly and intentionally like you. This is absolutely lovely. Can’t wait to see more.
    And the music is perfect. So often people put up the most annoying music. The guitar is perfect.
    Do you use an acrylic extender so the paint won’t dry out so fast?
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Sabra Awlad Issa

      I’m using Golden Open paint here and forgot to mention that, sorry! So yes, that specific paint behaves like normal acrylic with an extender added to it.

      Much love,

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  3. Thank you for sharing!!!
    Absolutely beautiful lesson, as well as soothing with this amazing music !!!
    Very appreciative to be part of the recipients!

  4. Hello Sabra,
    This was stunning to watch and ponder what stroke you would make next. I wish to try; frozen from fear. Truly appreciate you sharing your process and amazing painting. Loved every second. And, totally agree, your music selection was an added calming ‘extra’ piece of enjoyment!
    With joy,

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