Mixing Meditations, vol. 2

Mixing a limited palette

In this edition of Mixing Meditations, I’m going to show you how you can get the most out of a two-color palette and white. Today we’ll be using:

Burnt Sienna (I’m using Amsterdam Acrylic PR101)
Phthalo Blue, green shade (I’m using Amsterdam Acrylic PB15)
Titanium White

Working with a limited palette is a great way to get started with color, without being overwhelmed by too many options. As an intermediate artist, you’ll find it a nice challenge to stretch a limited palette to it’s maximum possibilities. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Use a little Phthalo Blue

Phthalo Blue is a very strong pigment. You only need to use a tiny bit! It's definitely a tube that'll last you a long time. 🙂

Think in temperature

The idea of this limited palette is that you have one warm, and one cold color. When placing colors in your work, think in terms of temperature. Do I want this area colder, or warmer?

Check your darks

Dark mixes are hard to 'see'. It can help to take a little bit and mix in some white to determine if it's right. Don't be afraid to correct your darker colors; they are the foundation for the rest of the color row!

Here’s the video I recorded for you. You can also jump to the specific color rows if you like. Check the different rows in the photo below to see what you like!

Jump to: Burnt Sienna  |  Phthalo Blue  |  Row 1  |  Row 2  |  Row 3  |  Row 4

Mixing a limited palette

I hope you enjoy this video! I’m currently doing a project with this palette and will post some progress videos soon, to show you how I use it. I’d love to see any work you create with this, so don’t forget to tag me if you’re on social media. If you’d like to make sure you receive updates on my future videos and blogs, please do subscribe to my newsletter.

8 thoughts on “Mixing Meditations, vol. 2”

  1. Hi Sabra : )
    WOW – this video and info is just fantastic !!!! Don’t know much about mixing my colors but now I’m so enthused to learn more – thank you so so much – this is truly a gift from you – thank you : )
    Hope you are well – stay safe : )
    Blessings, Sandra : )

  2. I love this beautiful color palette! Luckily I have the PB15 Phthalo blue and PR101 Burnt Sienna. Eager to explore this palette! Looking forward to your progress videos. Thank you.

  3. Thank you my friend for sharing your hard work and talent with all of us! You are an amazing teacher and artist! Hope that you and your family are healthy too.

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