“Reach” – A monthly inspiration post

"Reach" - Monthly Inspiration post

Every first Friday of the month I post a royalty-free photo and a word that I feel suits it. Perhaps it will inspire you to think, draw, paint or even just enjoy it. 

It’s still a very tensed time on Earth right now and I wanted to break my own cycle of daily negativity by focussing more on simple, precious things. 

Sketching helps me focus on the essential things: shape, alignment, position. It takes my mind off the more complex matters. The irony is that when I’m stressed, I don’t want to sketch. It takes effort and a bit of force to make myself do it, only to find what a great way it is to wind down. Then I repeat this process every time because I never learn haha. 🙂 

Maybe you can relate or maybe not. Either way, we all need a little inspiration sometimes. I hope this brings you what you need.


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3 thoughts on ““Reach” – A monthly inspiration post”

  1. This is very generous of you! Thanks for the inspiration, but even more…thanks for being so honest in your sharing! Wishing you a wonderFULL weekend:)

  2. Thank you for this, Sabra – the gift of your authenticity and inspiration is precious. I felt very oppressed a couple of days ago and not ready to start a new painting. I overcame my inertia in the end by sketching in charcoal. I had forgotten how grounded and just how much better it can make you feel. Thank you for reminding me!

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