Mixed Emotions

Portraits and hands that create emotion

course registration is open!


Registration is open now!

this course is in collaboration with the amazing Kara Bullock Art Network. Link will open in a new window.

Do you want…

…to learn simple methods of painting hands and facial features?
…to explore techniques to paint loose and expressive portraits?
…to discover ways to add visual interest and emotion to your artwork?

If so, then join me now in my new online course “Mixed Emotions”. In 7 full and real-time projects, we’ll touch on topics like shape, motion, texture and contrast to create artwork from the heart. Hosted by the wonderful Kara Bullock, I will be there with you in our private Facebook group to answer any questions you might have.

Join me and other students in class for…

  • 7 real-time and fully recorded projects from start to finish
  • more than 10 hours of video
  • technical knowledge and skill
  • step-by-step instructions for sketching and mixing paint
  • thoughts on process, symbolism and creating visual interest

Read more and join me!

Emotion in portraits

I could paint the same face every day and still make new art every time. The human face is the most intriguing and versatile feature to me and I look forward to sharing with you how I approach my painting.

I’ve selected four projects for you, ranging from a monochrome palette, to adding more color and finally choosing your own personal palette.

We will take the knowledge we gained while painting our hands and include them some of these portraits, learning how to match the hands to the face.

I will show you a number of ways to add texture, depth and visual interest to your artwork and introduce more ways to paint than just with a brush!

I’m honored that Kara Bullock is hosting my course on her amazing creative network. You will have the opportunity to do this course at your own pace, or join me and other students in our private Facebook and work together.

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Working with hands

We speak with our eyes and with our hands. The human hand has been a symbol in art for centuries. In three lessons we will cover painting the hand in different angles, starting from simple to a more challenging position. We’ll address basic anatomy of and common mistakes made in rendering hands. 

At the end of these lessons you will feel much more comfortable painting hands and adding them to your future artwork.