F / Project 3

3.6 Final details

In the final stages of the painting, I will make some compositional choices and work in a few more details. introduction If you don’t have any grey paint left over, no problem. Just go ahead and mix a new batch. I have mine in a jar, but I’ll be adding a little more white to […]

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3.5 Mid tones

With our lighter areas in, we can go back to layering. This time, also to achieve mid tones over our grey paint.  introduction I asked myself this once; what’s the point of going back in with more glazing after you’ve added highlights? Couldn’t I have achieved the same result by layering more carefully?  The answer

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3.4 Highlights

Adding in our background will determine how we see the rest of our values. I’ve chosen a slightly lighter mid tone to start with. introduction We’re going to working with a mix of grey paint. You can do this by mixing black with white, or mix ultramarine blue and burnt umber with white. Be sure

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3.3 Shadows

With two semi-transparent colours, we will start building up our shadows first. Layers are key here, as they will add texture to our portrait. introduction Just like in our previous portrait, we will go a little darker here than we want in the end result. This is to give us space to add in lighter

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3.2 Sketching

Constructing a profile face can be challenging, but with the help of some guides and measurements, we’ll be able to lay down the basic features of our portrait. introduction The profile face can seem a little alien to us; it’s not an angle at which we tend to look at other human beings. The nose

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3.1 Introduction

Welcome to our project for week 3! We will be working with a limited palette of acrylic paints. I will show you different ways of applying and creating texture as well. On this page you will find downloads for this project; you can download the whole PDF or the separate reference photo. I’ve recorded a

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