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2.1 Introduction

Welcome to our project for week 2! We will create our portrait for the most part with a limited palette of soft pastel, with a touch of pastel pencil. On this page you will find downloads for this project; you can download the whole PDF or the separate parts. I’ve recorded a short introduction for …

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2.5 Midtones

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. introduction … materials in this part Soft pastel I using Rembrandt Soft Pastel in Capuut Mortum, no. 538.7 Other materials A soft round brush and a cotton or paper rag. Progress in this part

2.4 Cold shadows

To balance out the warm tone of our portrait at this stage, we can add a colder colour to our portrait. introduction I’d like to keep my portrait a bit muted in terms of colour, so my cold shadow pastel is a very slightly blue-grey. Even with toned down colours, you can still see your …

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2.3 Warm shadows

This portrait is very much about the shadows, from which the highlights on the face that shape the features emerge.  introduction To balance those shadows, we’ll use two different colour temperatures, starting with our warm shadow colour. I’m using a dark value of Burnt Umber but you are free to use any colour you prefer. …

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2.2 Sketch

Starting this project, I’d like to show you a way to construct the face using both horizontal and vertical lines to establish the angle and features of the face. introduction I’m gonna take this opportunity to show you a different way of sketching than the one we used in the previous project. Personally, I like …

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