7. Final touches

introduction In this final part of the project, I usually work on bringing things to a conclusion that I can be happy with. That sometimes means making a few changes. Even though it’s often easier to make corrections early on in your work, you cannot always prevent wanting to move a feature at a later […]

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6. Details

introduction There are some areas that I want to define more in this part. For me, that is the dress and especially the area over the breasts. And the hands and face. Here’s a tip for detailing: details need to improve something. Don’t details areas that you’re already happy with. Don’t add details just for

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4. First layers

introduction Let’s go paint a figure! 🙂 First layers are fun but can also be a little awkward. Try to jump in and trust that there’s nothing we can’t fix during the process. You work maybe look a bit strange – can I say creepy? – at some point but that’s perfectly normal. Just join

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1. Materials

introduction There are a lot of art supplies available these days and I’m not complaining haha! But I can imagine it’s a bit overwhelming when you’re first starting out or are new to a certain medium. So this video is me just popping in to say hi, and to explain to you what we’re going

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