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All schedule times are Amsterdam (CET) times. We have a group of students from all over the world, so here are a few places to help you convert back to your timezone. San Francisco -9 hours  New York -6 hours  Rio de Janero -4 hours  London -1 hours  Johannesburg +1 hours  New Delhi +4.5 hours  Tokyo +8 hours  Sydney +10 hours  September 2022 …

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Here is an overview of all the downloads available for each project. If you’re having trouble with any of the files, please contact me. Just a quick note: all downloads (including videos) are for personal use only. Please don’t share them with other people or on social media. The only exceptions are the links to …

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Community & support

Interaction with your teacher and peers is invaluable while learning online. When you share your struggles, you’ll find that you’re almost never alone in that. And there’s nothing better than celebrating your successes with other art students. 🙂 Here you will find all the ways to contact me, get support and interact with your fellow …

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Introduction & overview

I can’t really start this course without telling you how happy I am that you’re here! I hope you’re comfortable and feeling good about starting this creative journey. We’ll travel through the lands of charcoal, pastel, paints and mediums, and along the way we’ll create wonderful, expressive portraits with them. “Foundations” is an extensive course …

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