Welcome to mixed media

Mixed media is exactly as the words describe; a mix of different media combined in an artwork. It gives a sense of freedom, when you no longer limit yourself to a certain type of material. When that freedom is combined with educated choices, a whole new realm of artistic possibilities opens up for you. There …

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Project four: Mixed Media

Welcome to our final project, which we’re going to take a little more time to finish. Over the course of two weeks, we’ll explore several stages of sketches and texture experiments. On this page you will find an overview of resources such as the PDF with reference photos, supplies and drawing guides. You’ll also see the …

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Composition, contrast and colour

In the next stage we’re going to decide even more features of our portrait; it’s composition, contrast and the way colour in distributed throughout the painting. This is an extensive stage, so please take your time to go through it.  You need some materials to sketch with, like paper and pencil or charcoal. I use …

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Planning your project

Before any portrait I take some time to think about what materials I want to use, what colours I need and if I’m going to incorporate any textures that require examination. Here’s a general outline of what I normally do. Planning a project can be about a lot of things, but for this one I’d …

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