Project three: Acrylics

Welcome to week 3, where we will finally start with exploring paint! On this page you will find an overview of resources such as the PDF with reference photos, supplies and drawing guides. You’ll also see the topics in this lessons, so you can easily navigate to the videos. Have fun! Supplies for this project …

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Preliminary work

This week’s sketching is really about getting the hang of the profile face. Read on to see how to approach this session best. I will discuss the construction of the profile face in the actual project itself. For this week, I’ve decided not to do a lengthly construction video. The construction of the profile face …

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About acrylic paint

Acrylic paint can be transformed into many different art products. In the video we’ll only go over paint and their mediums. But there are a lot of other fun applications as well! Acrylic paint Acrylic paint come in different consistency, with much more variety than oil or watercolour paint. Ranging from fluid to impasto, there’s …

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Welcome to acrylics

Even though we can’t imagine an art supply store without acrylic paints, they are relatively new. The development of acrylic paint started in the 1930’s and has developed quickly as one of the most versatile, stable and affordable art products available. Acrylic paint may have suffered the reputation of inferior art supply, only suitable for …

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