Welcome to charcoal

Charcoal is dry media in its most simple form. It’s something to marvel over; we burnt a piece of wood and figured we could draw with it. Charcoal is the sole ruler of the emipre of monotone, dry media and as versatile as it gets. It’s a shame that most of us were not introduced to …

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Project one: Charcoal

Let’s get started on our first portrait together in this course! On this page you will find an overview of resources such as the PDF with reference photos, supplies and drawing guides. You’ll also see the topics in this lessons, so you can easily navigate to the videos. Have fun! Supplies in this project Paper …

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Preliminary work

I’d love to show you how I usually prepare for portraits; from trying out materials, to exploring the subject and warming up our creative mind. Timed sketching Every project has one or two timed sketching videos. These are sketches done in under 10 minutes, usually with charcoal. I normally do this kind of sketching to …

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About charcoal

Let’s dive in and create some swatches! I will show you the different ways to create the textures we need for our project. We’ll also go over different types and application of charcoal. In our project, we’ll be using willow charcoal in a variety of application. But I’d also love to show you other forms …

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