5. Detail


First off; unfortunately there is 2 minutes of footage missing at the beginning of this video. In my art bubble I just forgot to turn on the camera! Good thing it was only a few little changes that I made during that time. I explain and show everything to you in the video so let’s continue with our face.  We’ll also start adding much more depth to the hair and her hand.

materials in this part

  • Raw Umber
  • Payne’s Grey
  • Your warm colour or Burnt Sienna
  • Titanium White 
  • A palette
  • 1 inch flat brush
  • 1/3 inch flat brush
  • Acrylic Gel Medium (gloss)

some tips


Burnt Umber is a warm brown. When mixed with white, you can create an array of interesting values to play with.


Raw Umber is much colder than it's warm sibling, Burnt Umber. It has a neutral, greenish tint to it, depending on the brand you use.


Add Ultramarine Blue to any color, to cool it down. I'm mixing it with Burnt Umber, to create an almost black. With white, you can get many grey values.

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