a whisper



In 2023, composer Janneke Moes and visual artist Sabra Awlad Issa, collaborated to create an experience. Titled “A Whisper of Hope”, it combines a multiple choir composition with physical paintings. It was performed on December 9-10 in Zeist and Amersfoort, The Netherlands. My paintings were also shown from 1-30 December in the Noorderlichtkerk, Zeist.

You can now listen to the performance from December 10 in the St. Xaferius church.

Music and lyrics by Janneke Moes. Artwork by Sabra Awlad Issa.

A Whisper of Hope II
"A Whisper of Hope II", 70x100 cm. oil on panel

Bright are the moments when compassion conquers all

And all that remains is love.

A Whisper of Hope, panel 1
"A Whisper of Hope I", 70x100 cm. oil on panel


Long before the dew answers the morning sun with a glint,
all is peaceful and calm.


"Alto", 30x40cm. oil on panel
Sing to me about hope, about light, about love, so I will sing with you
a whisper of hope
"Lento", 40x30 cm. oil on panel
The soft wind will clear your mind
and the warm sun will embrace your hurting soul.
"Prelude", 30x40 cm. oil on panel
"Largo", 30x40cm. oil on panel

Blind for my own wickedness,
ignorant for the pain I cause,
afraid of the devil inside me.

What have I done?
"Vox", 40x30 cm. oil on panel
"Scherzo", 30x40cm. oil on panel
Hands turn, hands burn
hands tight, so tight
too tight, no sight
we run,
we snap,
without clear sight
"Nocturne I", 50x40 cm. oil on panel

Thank you again for all your support, both in real life and on social media. I’d like to share an overview of my works for this show, with links to buyer information. 

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