Mastering the shapes and planes of the face in any angle

coming this summer! (it’s no superhero movie, but it’s gonna be great)

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Why the basics?

…are you starting your journey of learning art online and in your own time?
…or are you a passionate artists who struggles with variety in your poses?
…do you have trouble getting your portraits to look accurate and convey their message?
…are you tired of having to go back and paint over because your foundation isn’t working?
…do you feel you need to go to art school and work on endless foundation sketching exercises?

Can you relate to any of the above? Because I sure do! When I started out with art I was all over the place; I wanted to learn so many things and create the same things that my art heroes made. With no one to guide me and keep me focussed, I was skipping all the basic skills. That was fine at first (and fun!) but as I grew in my art journey I kept running into the same problems and limitations. I got frustrated and really needed to sit down and think about what I needed at that point.

Images are previous works, not course projects

Learning in a healing way

I thought about going to art school. In fact, I felt I needed to go to art school. After all, my skills weren’t good enough and I’d been trying so hard to fix it.

I had all my excuses summed up not to go to art school though; single mom, can’t afford it, crippling anxiety issues, you name it. But the honest truth is, I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to damage my life just because I felt I couldn’t do it on my own terms. Spending time with my son and taking my social anxiety issues seriously, is something that is good for me. I doesn’t make me weak, it makes me a better person.

So I sat and wrote down all things that were holding back my artistic freedom. I looked around the internet and found the courses and books that I really needed. And I made sure that my method of working suited both my person and my life; creative learning in small and simple projects.

What will “Basics” offer me?

  • Draw every angle of the human head using simple models
  • Draw and shade using basic planes
  • Master difficult angles and perspective
  • Learn better and faster by alternating technical exercises with creative and dynamic projects.
  • A private classroom on this website
  • 8 weeks of dedicated feedback in a private Facebook group

Let me know when it starts!

For the love of portraits

Portraits are the love of my life. I’ll honestly admit I’m mad in love with the human face. During my art journey I’ve drawn detailed pencil portraits, watercolor faces and mixed media emotive explorations. Every face – no matter the style or medium – is starting from zero; getting to know this person through art.

I believe in matching the medium to the face and not other way around. Freedom of materials allows you to open creative door that otherwise remain closed. That’s why all my courses will focus on combining a variety of basic materials to express yourself with. Working with texture, dynamic brush strokes and mixed media will help you relax, have fun and keep up to motivation while learning. <3